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BabyNames4me is devoted to the basic need of searching baby names. It's a complete and clear overview of all the popular and unique baby names for boys and for girls. It is created to help expectant parents finding the best baby names. The collection of names contains thousands of boy names, girl names and unisex names with name origin and meaning. The collection is totally created with the input of our visitors and name specialists. As a result, we proudly offer all baby names of the world for boys and girls accompanied by accurate and complete meaning and origin information. BabyNames4me will guide you choosing the best name.
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Names And Their Faces 1
Origin England
Meaning of this boy name is 'Powerful, Rich'
Names And Their Faces 2
Origin America
Meaning of this unisex name is 'Appointed'
Names And Their Faces 2
Origin Biblical
Meaning of this girl name is 'Consecrated To God'

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Finding the right names was a major challenge for us. We did not know in advance whether it was a boy or a girl and had to create lists with both names. But with the right tips and methodologies we have come to the name Esther. Thanks! Next time we use the same methodology.

Real Moms
Josephine Hall
Mom of Esther

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There are people that say that a name is a relevant decision for a parent that can shape a lifetime. We totally agree with this statement! Our goal is to provide the ultimate naming experience for expecting parents. With the help of our visitors and naming specialists we have created a big list of baby names from around the globe. So whether you are looking for African, Russian, Indian or American names, you are at the right place!

You can browse through thousands of names to research meanings, origins and much more. You decide what is the most important to you at our naming tips and methods! All parents visiting our site can help the next expecting parents by voting on the name you choose. So take your time. Your newborn will carry the chosen name their entire life. Have fun and enjoy BabyNames4me!