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About Us

The Story Behind BabyNames4me

BabyNames4me is devoted to the basic need of searching baby names. It's a complete and clear overview of all the popular and unique baby names for boys and for girls. We hope that the collection of baby names will be helpful to you and will bring only happiness for your baby. BabyNames4me is the most complete, alluring and useful website about baby names on the internet and is published by Red Olive I&C in The Netherlands. Since the launch in 2007, BabyNames4me is the new, modern and interactive method parents use to name their baby. The old baby naming books are inadequate to fit the recent needs of today's mom and dad. BabyNames4me was created to make the naming process more fun for parents.

Our Philosophy

BabyNames4me is dedicated to all parents in the world seeking a perfect name for their child. We think BabyNames4me is also useful for persons who are interested in the background of names. Thousands of parents in the world are using BabyNames4me every month to find that perfect name.