Funny Looking Baby

Unusual And Exotic Names

Maybe you want to give your little baby-to-be a special and unique baby name! You just might find the one in this list of exotic and unusual names for boys or for girls. These are 25 boy names and 25 girl names with not that much input and votes from parents which have chosen one of this unique and exotic names.

Boy Names

Girl Names

1. Jarvis 1. Ivana
2. Jerome 2. Jacinta
3. Bodhi 3. Jemima
4. Lamont 4. Leilani
5. Kenway 5. Leonora
6. Leodegrance 6. Cosimia
7.Kapono 7.Mariko
8.Leif 8. Mina
9. Burgess 9. Ciara
10. Edan 10. Azurine
11. Ephraim 11. Elga
12. Finian 12. Fleta
13. Fonzell 13. Isadora
14. Omar 14. Oriana
15. Qadim 15. Rhea
16. Sabra 16. Sarita
17. Talbot 17. Udele
18. Ugo 18. Umeno
19. Varun 19. Veda
20. Teague 20. Talia
21. Titus 21. Thea
22. Ulric 22. Ululani
23. Vance 23. Vara
24. Winslow 24. Xenia
25. Xerxes 25. Zelda

Unique and exotic spellings are becoming very acceptable in our world nowadays. A unique and exotic baby name is most likely chosen by those who wish to get away from all basic trends. Not everyone wants a standard or very popular baby name. When you want to be on of the individualists amongst us, you are also looking for that baby name that is unusual and exotic, that everyone will like but nobody has in their surroundings. Good luck finding that special baby name!