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Unique Boy And Girl Names

An overview of some of the most unique and uncommon boy, unisex and girl names. All accompanied by accurate meaning and origin information. Browse the lists of some of the most unique baby names for your newborn child.

Unique Boy Names

Some unique names for boys you can consider. Browse all the boy names to check all the unique names you like!
1. Farris 6. Bain
2. Zef 7. Sutton
3. Conroy 8. Anrai
4. Abi 9. Favio
5. Jeuz 10. Yul

Unique Girl Names

Six very unique names for girls that you can use. Browse all the girl names to find more unique names.
1. Avia 6. Elon
2. Hai 7. Zita
3. Mirai 8. Svara
4. Aedre 9. Leola
5. Elita 10. Zoel

Unique Unisex Names

Unisex names that are also unique and can be for your child. Browse all the unisex names, so you won't miss a name.
1. Cache 6. Umi
2. Zenon 7. Jax
3. Maro 8. Oran
4. Bel 9. Platt
5. Maat 10. Van

A unique baby name is literally one-of-a-kind. A unique name may also mean one that is unusual, cool, or distinctive. BabyNames4me offers thousands of unique names for boys, girls and also gender neutral versions: Here you found some of the best to get you started.