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Baby Naming Tips

Choosing the name of your baby is a very difficult and emotional experience for some of us. There’s so much to consider but remember to love the name you choose. Here are 15 tips to help you to make the right decision.

Finding that perfect name for your baby can be tricky sometimes. There are just so many names to choose from, and even when you've narrowed it down, there are plenty of pitfalls you could easily fall into. We'll help you to avoid the most common naming mistakes parents make. Your children can thank us later!

1. Consider The Last Name Of Your Baby

When choosing a baby name, always consider the last name of your baby. Saying the baby name together with the last name should produce a combination that sounds nice. We advice you to say the name out loud for a few times, to get a good feel of the babies name in combination with last name.

2. Length Of Name In Combination With Last Name

The combination of a long baby name will often be a good combination with a short last name. For example Keanu Reeves rolls off the tongue much better than does Rex Reeves. Last names with two or more syllables typically sound good with any length of a first name.

3. If The Last Name Is Long

Many look for short baby names to compliment a long last name. Jack Jackelson sounds better than Jacklynna Jackelson.

4. Unique Baby Names

Unique baby names are often be a great thing. Baby names that are too unique may not be a good thing for your baby.

5. A Name Is For Life

A name lasts for the entire life of your baby. Some names might be fun to say for the baby's first couple years. But later in life on a resume for example this may cost your child the chance for a once in a lifetime job.

6. Is An Odd Baby Name Wise To Choose

Think before you choose an odd baby name. Mostly kids with odd names are teased more and are overall less socialized. If your family is full of bravado and positive energy, odd baby names can be a good thing.

7. Ending A Name In Consonants

If your baby is going to have a last name that begins with a hard consonant, you may want to choose a baby name that ends in a vowel. The name Paula Zuchero is much more pleasant than Fritz Zuchero.

8. Some Pitfalls With Common Names

Of course common baby names can be a blessing or a curse. On the one hand, you cannot go wrong with it. On the other hand, your baby can be known as Mary Z. or John D. throughout life.

9. Don't Forget The Baby's Middle Name

Many names are chosen to honor a favorite person. If it doesn’t fit remember that this name could be used as the middle name.

10. Can't Decide Between Two Baby Names

Your list with favorite names can end up with two names. See if the two names can be combined. For example combine a name like Janelle together with Della, can create Janella. Just be creative.

11. Carrying On A Family Name For The Baby

Carrying on the first name of a family member is all right. If the name is not a good one for one of the parents, consider this name as a middle name for your baby.

12. Consider The Meaning Of The Name

The meaning of the name is very important. Even the meaning is not important to you, it may be important to your child in the future.

13. Announce Baby Names To Trusted People

Once you focus on a baby name, you can get feedback from a couple, well-trusted friends or family. Their advice and input can possibly point out anything you may have missed.

14. Forget About Trends

Ignore trends, go with what you love. Never pick a name simply because it is popular.

15. Avoid The Temptation To Get Fancy

When you name your child, think about the long-term. You don't want your kid to have to explain how to spell their name for the rest of their life.