Twins With A Smile

Naming Tips For Twins And Multiples

Naming your twins or multiples is a very exciting activity during the preparation of their birth. Naming one baby is hard enough but when you're faced with naming twins or multiples than you have a bigger challenge. Here you find 10 tips to consider naming your twins or multiples.

Twins and multiples means more joy and more names you and your spouse need to settle on. You thought finding one baby name would be a challenge until you found out you were having two or more. Just follow our advices and tips for finding the perfect baby names for multiples.

1. Which Name For Which Baby

Deciding which baby gets which name you have chosen can be very difficult. Many parents will use the alphabet, the first child will have the name that comes first in the alphabet.

2. Honouring Family Members Or Friends

Be mindful that honouring family or friends by using their name can bring the possibility of favouritism into the equation and you will need to consider how you name your other childeren.

3. Check The Pronunciation And Spelling

If the spelling is unusual your child will have to correct it in the future. Consider what the potential mis-spellings and alternate spellings for the names are before choosing the names.

4. Finding Personalised Initials

For example many items are required to have name tags. Although you can have name tags now easily made for items such as clothing you will find it difficult to when the initials of your twins and multiples are te same.

5. Does The Names Emphasise That They Are A Pair

This is a really difficult one for moms and dads because the uniqueness of multiples is a joy to celebrate but each child is also an individual. Twins and multiples want to be seen as such as they grow older.

6. The Initials Should Not Spell Anything Undesirable

If the initials are not satisfying the first and middle name can be switched. Your child can still use their middle names on a daily basis. Always consider the complications that may arise with medications and appointments for example.

7. The Names Should Have A Positive Connotations For You

A name is a strong first impression. Imagine each child using the name not only on the playground but also as an adult. They should be associated with pleasantries. The definition should also be meaningful.

8. Be Conscious Of Nicknames And Variations

The disadvantage is that childhood nicknames can linger on into adulthood and be embarrassing for live. Consider easy alternatives for nick names. Think about what embarrissing nick names they may be called.

9. Practice The Names And See How They Feel

Try out the full names on some good friends or family. You will say these names thousands of times in the future and it must feel excellent.

10. Don't Be Too "Matchy"

There's a temptation with twins and multiples to give them virtually identical names. It might be wise to resist giving them virtually identical names. Your kids deserve to have names that are as unique as they are.