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At BabyNames4me you can browse boy or girl names by first letter, origin and much more. You can also find lots of unisex names when you want a gender neutral name. Just look up a name you like and we will inform you about the meaning, origin and specific information about that origin. Are you not sure where to start with naming you baby? We will help you to find the perfect baby name. Browse all baby names at BabyNames4me, your number 1 baby names resource.

We have over 40,000 names that range from unique, and popular, to ones for your little girl, or ones for the new little boy in your life. And all names have complete and accurate meaning and origin information. Just take some time to look through our lists, search by lots of origins, or most popular and highest rated names by gender. Enjoy this period and congratulations with your pregnancy!

All baby names of the world with complete and accurate background info. Search baby names by name, first characters, origin and gender.
A complete overview of all boy names with complete background info. Find boy names by name, first characters and origin.
Thousands of girls names from many places of the world with meaning and origin. Browse or search all girl names by name, first characters and origin.
More than enough gender neutral (unisex) names to choose from for your little baby. Find unisex names by name, first characters and origin.

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