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Do you want to pick a popular, unique or celebrity name for your baby? The baby name lists on BabyNames4me can help you focus on your favorite genre. Browse through the baby name lists and when you choose a name please vote for that specific name. You will help all the next visitors. With the name lists and tips we help you to find the baby name you love. And you will get ideas and find inspiration in during your search. Dive right into the wide world of baby names, top 100 lists and celebrity names.

Lists of names are an often-viewed resource on the internet. BabyNames4me gives a valuable insight into the steps of your new-born. We have compiled in one place the top 100 male names, top 100 gender neutral names and top 100 female baby names. We have over 40,000 names that range from unique, and popular, to ones for your little girl, or ones for the new little boy in your life. These lists will help you brainstorm name possibilities.

The 100 most popular boy names of the world with accurate meaning and origin info.
Top 100 girl names generated by the votes from our previous visiting moms and dads.
A list of the top 100 most popular gender neutral names with background info.
List of some unique and also regular celebrity baby names and their parents.
An overview of some of the most unusual and exotic baby names at our site.
Examples of unique baby names for boys, girls and gender neutral ones.

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