African American Mom And Baby

How To Pick Baby Names

Our naming method focuses on making a list of baby names by the father and the mother. By narrowing down this lists you will find the name that suits the best for both of you. It will help you a lot to find the perfect name!

Create list with this factors: Spelling of the name, Pronunciation, Sounding of the name, Fits last name, Gender identification, Possible nicknames, Popularity, Uniqueness, Impression, Namesakes, Initials and Meaning. Make sure you have space enough for a three numbers scoring method.

Step One: Make Your List Of Favorite Names

Make a list of your most popular names and let your spouse do the same.

Step Two : Narrow Both Baby Names Lists

Now that you have created a list of popular names together, it's time to narrow them down based on the considerations below.

Create a form and fill it in with one score and vote for each name, based on the following score method. Positive is 3 points, neutral is 2 points and negative is 1 point. When you've completed filling in the lists for each name count the scores.

Considerations Positive Neutral Negative
Spelling of the name
Sounding of the name
Fits last name
Gender identification
Possible nicknames
Last Step: Make The Choice Together

Both write down your top 5 of names. If you have names in common, compare the scores. When you don't have names in common on your lists, swap names and rate them again together. Now you have a few names that work well for both of you. We wish you both good luck finding the right baby name.